Instrument(s) played:

Drums and percussion.

Equipment used:


Steve’s live experience started as the lead singer in “Erotic Neuroses” - a high school band in the Niagara Region, but his interest soon turned to drums. (Likely because his singing was reminiscent of howler monkeys in heat!) After graduating from college and moving back to Ottawa, Steve started jamming with some buddies from work and their friends, who later became Slipstream; and subsequently became Money Shot.

He prides himself on being a no nonsense member of one of the tightest rhythm sections in Ottawa, with no need for flashy solos. Steve is quite content to blend into the background and focus on being a rock solid timekeeper.


Chad Smith, John Bonham, Dan Bélanger

Favourite quote:

"I used to jog, but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass." - David Lee Roth